Advanced Longboard Trainings

Trick lessons for advanced longboard skater

Longboard-Masterclass skate lesson for intermediate and advanced longboarder

Learn the Longboard-Tricks you ever dreamed of:
In the Advanced Longboard Trainings 
 we will take your skills to a whole new level!

 Longboard Freestyle Skate-Lesson by Carl Fölster_black Icon


What's the time? It's Airtime!! Learn how to kick, rotate and flip your Longboard! Get closer to  spectacular Freestyle Tricks step by step and learn how to jump on and off your urban playgrounds.


Flow along the streets with stylish boardwalking moves! Learn how to cross your legs and do amazing Longboard Dancing Steps, while the Board is carving under your stepping feet. Gain more style and combine your cross-steps with fluid combinations and rotations. Through a detailed focus on your posture you will reach a beyond level.

Coleman Slide by Carl Fölster. The black Downhill Skater Icon. Longboard Race. Advanced Longboard Skate Lessons

Slide + Freeride

Go fast, go sideways!
You don't want to break, you want to slide, won't you? Learn how to easily get into different slides and smoothly control your drifting Board. Improve your confidence, skills and safety when going faster in a freeride safari that suits your level.

focussing your maximum personal progress:

incl. premium Boards

A Pro-selection of Longboards will make you progress even faster. There won't be wrong material that is going to stop you here.

1,5 hours 

45€ small group coaching
70€ coaching for 2
100€ private session


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The advanced Longboard Trainings at the Longboard-Masterclass are focused on your maximum personal progress. With over 15 years of teaching experience, a Proskater-Background and profound expertise in Longboard development we will work on the tricks you want to learn with my sharp eye for details and ever improving training methods that are a worldwide benchmark. Let`s reach your next Level and unlock some of the Longboard tricks you've dreamed of!


Please contact me if you are interested in an advanced Longboard Training - especially for short time requests (i.e. the next days). We will find a date and you can also tell me if you have any specific learning goals for the training!

-> chat with me on WhatsApp, send an E-Mail or call:
 +49 176 3298 5180 or +34 605 13 6575