Skate-Lessons for families

 Learn how to skate with your family in Carl Fölster´s unique Longboard-Masterclass!

Skate-Lessons for families with the Longboard Champion Carl Foelster

It´s time to have a great time together! Let´s learn something new - let´s go longboarding! The Longboard-Masterclass for families or groups is focused on a fun way to progress the skating skills of your lovely family and friends. Longboard Champion Carl will make you learn cool tricks together - a story you will remeber a long time with a big smile upon your faces.


Please contact me to arrange our skate-session!

Carl Fölster
german phone: +49 176 32 98 51 80
spanish phone: +34 605 13 6575
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Minimum 4 persons, maximum 8.

25€ per person. If you come with 6+ persons, one skates for free.

Duration: 2 hours

including custom fitted Pro-Longboards & protection

I never stood on a Longboard. Can I learn it?
Of course you can! During the years I had students from 3 to 69 years old, from “sport is not mine” to “I do every sports with boards”. Everybody was happy and proud of what (s)he learned in the end. If you are doubting, check out the reviews or feel welcome to pass by to see what the Longboard-Masterclass is like!

I don´t want to hurt myself.
You won´t. I will assist you where it is neccessary or where you don’t feel safe. A regular feedback after the classes is: “You made me feel safe and confident on the Board.” Remember: This is not more dangerous than playing football! But it´s so much fun.

Do I really learn that much in 2 hours?
Yes! And much more than you expect. That is what every single student has proven. It’s guaranteed success: If you don´t learn what you expect, you don´t have to pay the lesson.