Skate-Lessons for families

 Learn how to skate with your family in Carl Fölster´s unique Longboard-Masterclass!

Skate-Lessons for families with the Longboard Champion Carl Foelster
Practicing a Handstand on a skateboard in El Cotillo
Brother and sister in the family skate session
Fun times at Carl Foelsters skate workshop
Children learning in the Longboard-Masterclass
Carl teaches a baby how to ride a Longboard

It´s time to have a great time together! Let´s learn something new - let´s go longboarding! The Longboard-Masterclass for families or groups is focused on a fun way to progress the skating skills of your lovely family and friends. Longboard Champion Carl will make you learn cool tricks together - a story you will remeber a long time with a big smile upon your faces.