Surf Skate Lesson for Beginner

first steps ● carving & pumping basics ● Miniramp/Halfpipe basics

Surf Course for Beginner

Learn how to ride
pump and carv the best Surfskates
not only in flat areas! These are our learning goals:


first steps
 get perfect boardcontrol

First of all we will learn the best ways to control the board. This makes you ride comfortable and with confidence!

carving & pumping
turns and gaining speed

Learn how to easily increase your speed and how to turn with flow and style.

miniramp basics
surf the concrete wave!

You will love this feeling: Learn to skate the concrete wave with Carl's awarded and safe teaching methods!

your kickstarter into superfun surfskate techniques!

Worldclass teaching and the best equipment is a guarantee for a remarkable learning success and your happiness after our great skate session! The Surfskate Trainings focus on improving techniques you definetely learn faster and better outside of the water.

incl. the best Boards
A Pro-selection of hightech surfskate boards will make you progress even faster. 

incl. protection
Improving safe and at your own speed.

2 hours / 25€