Concrete Wave Carver Lesson

transition turns & maneuver ● concrete wave skating for Intermediates

Learn how to skate
concrete waves, ditches and little bowls
with flow, speed and style! 
These are our learning goals:


perfect balance
 control and focus

Let's improve your skating with on point focus  when hitting the concrete wave.

riding high!
this is streetsurfing

Learn how to ride the upper parts of concrete waves with ease.

the keys of splashing cutbacks!

Time to play! Learn how to do  crazy cutbacks, reverts, etc.! 

Let's learn how to surf the concrete!

Worldclass teaching and the best equipment is a guarantee for a remarkable learning success and your happiness after our great skate session! The Surfskate Trainings focus on improving techniques you definetely learn faster and better outside of the water.

incl. the best Boards
A Pro-selection of hightech surfskate boards will make you progress even faster. 

incl. protection
Improving safe and at your own speed.

2 hours / 25€