Skate-Lessons for kids

 Longboard skate classes with the Champion Carl Fölster

Kids in the Longboard-Masterclass skate-lesson
Skateworkshop for children in Hamburg
A self-confident and happy student
Groms in the Halpipe with Carl Foelster
Freestyle skate-lesson for kids



For kids Longboard skating is a free way to develop self-confidence in the most human way. Longboard Proskater and worldclass trainer Carl develops great board control with a sense for creative ways to express personality through stylish longboard riding. His unique teaching methods are focused to pedagogical powerful support kids natural habits to learn through play. A high motivation level and great learners success is the key for a childs growth in personalty.

The Longboard skate class for kids take place once a week and is divided into two parts: Beginner and advanced. Newcomer kids will first learn all the basics and then join the trick lessons, where Carl teaches an awesome mix of longboard-tricks and -techniques in a unique training circle.


Jump tricks on a Longboard: If there is something in our way we jump over it: like in real life


We practice a great variety of cross-steps - the art of dancing on a Longboard.


Control your Board during a drift. Lets do some skids and learn slide techniques.


The Halfpipe or Miniramp is the best way to progress balance and boardcontrol.



Duration: 1 h



 Price: 15 €

everything included

Pro-Longboards ● Protection     
Personal Coaching parts ● Guaranteed success.

Photos of the Longboard-Masterclass skate-lessons