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Longboard lessons in Corralejo


Longboard Lesson for Beginner

Longboard & Protection

excellent teaching
& guaranteed success

Skatepark Corralejo
Calle Lanzarote, 44

Learn how to Longboard or reach your next level 
in freestyle-tricks, sliding-techniques and dancing-combinations 
in the worldclass skate-lessons with Longboard-Champion Carl Fölster!


2 hours | 25€
Beginner Course
 ● Basics
 ● Carving ● easy tricks ● 

Learn all the basics, powerful turns and your first easy tricks! This course is known for superior teaching methods and suitable for every newcomer or intermediate.


2 hours | 35€
Advanced Trainings
 ● Downhill
 ● Dancingarving ● Freestyle ● 

Reach your next level in controlled sliding
techniques, awesome freestyle tricks and 
smooth dancing combinations!
For experienced skater.

. . .
 ● Rolling advebtures you will never forget ● 

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Learn to skate in Corralejo

Sign up here for your Longboard training with the sympatic Proskater and Boardtechnology innovator Carl Fölster. The Longboard-Masterclass is recognised for its exellent teaching methods with remarkable learners success. Reach your next level in Longboarding in Corralejo´s skatepark next to the police station and the "El Campanario"-Shoppingcenter (--> see here in GoogleMaps)

The Beginner Course is suitable for everybody who never skated before and those who know how to ride but want to learn their first tricks. If you already know some Longboard tricks you can learn spectaculous and technical moves in the Advanced Training  for experienced Skater.
Find the best training for you in the skate-lesson overview and do not hesitate to contact Carl via +34 605 13 6575 or send an E-Mail.

Let's skate!